Plains Exploration & Production Company


Sr. Geological Technician

Development - Houston



Provide technical support to the geologists, geophysicists and managers in the Development group, primarily through the preparation and organization of data for the appropriate experts to bring expertise and experience to bear on the task. Responsible for the generation and maintenance of geological/geophysical data bases and exhibits.



        Responsible for loading/entering, verifying, manipulating, analyzing, and reporting data related to well logs, seismic and production data.

        Will assist geologist and geophysicist in manipulating and mapping data within development and exploration projects.

        Coordinate with GIS Technician to provide data files from various geological and geophysical applications (GeoGraphix and SMT preferred) for use in creation of  maps, drawings, charts, exhibits, plats and other artwork.

        Prepare permanent well history database to capture pertinent information for drilled wells in several geologic basins.  Records will be in spreadsheet or data base form on a PC. 

        Establish and maintain records of data stored in databases and on backup media as needed for the departmental staff.

        Perform modeling, digitizing, mapping and plotting in support of the geologist and geophysicist in the Department.

        Assist geologist, geophysicist and drafters in the use of hardware and software to perform modeling, digitizing, mapping and plotting. 

        Collect, enter and/or reformat digital well log data in data base for use by other geoscientist for log analysis, log display, cross section generation, and seismic modeling.

        Copy /Scan logs and maps.

        Respond to frequent requests for data and assistance from staff and managers in the group. 

        Act as mentor to geological technicians.

        Develop and maintain contact with people in other departments; Land, I.T., Engineering, with whom it is appropriate to share data in digital or hard copy form.

        Other projects and tasks as assigned.



        High School Diploma or GED equivalent required.

        At least 10 years of geological technician experience with major or independent Oil & Gas Company.  Substitute Bachelorís degree if applicable.

        Must be familiar with oil and gas industry data and terminology.

        Proficient in the use of word processing, spreadsheet, powerpoint (graphics) and other PC software with accurate typing.

        Must possess highly developed analytical skills.

        Position requires a high degree of independent thinking and initiative.  Incumbent must have the ability and interest to learn how to work effectively with new hardware, software, and data; the initiative and resourcefulness to search for solutions and new knowledge on how to achieve a desired result; and independent thinking to prioritize the workload and determine how to best accomplish various tasks.

        Must have the ability to deal logically and effectively with department personnel, management, and outside personnel.

        Must be able to deal with flexible project deadlines.