Plains Exploration & Production Company


Petrophysical Technician

Reservoir Engineering - Houston



Assist the Petrophysical department in preparing, loading, managing and performing quality control with the formation evaluation corporate database (NeuraDB).  Data includes log data, core data, directional surveys and other pertinent well data.  This position will also require basic training in GeoGraphix’s Prizm and Schlumberger’s Techlog applications. The main focus for this position will be the preparation of well data to load into NeuraDB.  Quality control and data management will be an important facet of the job, making sure all formation evaluation data is properly loaded and archived to the targeted categories and classifications of the database.




·        Must have basic knowledge of log types, core data, deviation surveys, and advanced formation evaluation data.

·        Must be proficient with Microsoft Excel.

·        Prospective individual will receive training with NeuraDB.

·        Allocate various types of formation evaluation data into pre-configured Excel folders to prepare data for loading into NeuraDB.

·        After loading data to NeuraDB, quality control must be performed to check that well data has been properly archived to the correct categories and sub-categories.

·        Applicant must be proficient with data management.

·        Applicant will receive training in GeoGraphix and TechLog applications.

·        Assist petrophysicists in printing logs, exporting log images and generating different report types, including pay reports, net sand reports, etc.

·        Assist other departments by providing them with data needs.  This will require being capable of providing LAS files, log images, reports, core data and other well data to the geology and reservoir departments.

·        Must follow all the Petrophysical department standards, including data organization, log presentations, data loading and Petrophysical evaluation report generation.



·        Must have at least three years of oil field experience with an oil company or an oilfield service company.

·        High School Diploma or GED equivalent required.  Bachelor’s degree is preferred.

·        Must have a basic knowledge of wireline logging tools, curve names and data types from different vendors.

·        Maintain a current working knowledge of GeoGraphix Prizm, TechLog and NeuraDB.

·        Maintain a working knowledge of new log technology, including its terminology, tool names, data types and curve mnemonics.

·        Must be familiar with oil and gas industry data and terminology.

·        Must be proficient in the use of word processing and personal computer equipment.  Proficiency with Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint is required.

·        Must demonstrate and utilize strong analytical skills.

·        Position requires a high degree of independent thinking and initiative.  Incumbent must have the ability and interest to learn how to work effectively with new hardware, software, and data; the initiative and resourcefulness to search for solutions and new knowledge on how to achieve a desired result; and independent thinking to prioritize the workload and determine how to best accomplish various tasks.

·        Desire to be considered an integral part of a work team, to be treated as a professional and to contribute creatively to the success of the group.




The position is located in downtown Houston. Please visit us at www.pxp.com and apply through our careers page.